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Practice Policy

About this website

This website is owned and operated by JAAS FAMILY TRUST ACN 961 866 930 trading as JAAS PSYCH CONSULTANTS ("JAAS Psych") under the domain name


By booking appointment with us, you agree to accept and be legally bound by these Terms of Use.


We may amend these Terms of Use from time to time without notice and such revision will take effect when it is posted on this website. Your continued use of this website will be regarded as your acceptance of these Terms of Use as amended.


Under these Terms of Use:


  • "We", "us" or "our" means JAAS Psych;

  • "You" or "your" means the person accessing this website;

  • "Content" means all materials and information on this website, including any logo, design, text, graphics and arrangement, and any underlying source code and software.

Privacy and consent

The Australian Privacy Principles set out rights and obligations regarding collecting certain information, including personal, sensitive and health information.


JAAS Psych collects information about you for the primary purpose of providing medical care. You consent to us collecting, handling and storing the information.


We may use text or email notification services to send appointment reminders. You consent to receive such reminders.


We may use the information for reasons including, but not limited to, running the administrative aspects of the practice; billing purposes, including liaising with Medicare, Workcover, or other similar body; and liaising with others involved in your healthcare, including your GP, psychologist, or any other health professional involved in providing you with care from time to time. This may include providing written reports and communicating via telephone or email.


We will store the information in accordance with applicable laws.

Informed consent

JAAS Psych assumes you have the capacity to make decisions about your health and will endeavour to explain and communicate with you clearly about your diagnosis and treatment options. In addition, we will endeavour to explain the likely risks and benefits associated with any suggested course of treatment.


We encourage you to ask questions and to take time to consider matters thoroughly before commencing any treatment. However, any decisions you make about starting treatment are ultimately yours. There is never any requirement for you to accept the recommendations we make.

Emergency service

JAAS Psych is NOT an emergency service. Appointments may need to be booked several days or weeks in advance, and we cannot provide an emergency response. If you are in crisis, please contact your nearest emergency department or local mental health service. In an emergency, dial "000". The following services may also be able to help you if you are in distress.


You may contact Lifeline ( Telephone 13 11 14 ), Suicide CallBack Service ( Telephone: 1300 659 467 ) and BeyondBlue ( Telephone 1300 22 4636 ), who may be able to provide immediate support if it is not an acute emergency.


We reserve the right to terminate our relationship with you at any time by giving you two days' written notice. In addition, we may terminate our relationship immediately, without notice, if you act aggressively, disruptively, or do anything that may disrepute us.

Contact with doctors

We regret that we cannot respond to any enquiries (other than administrative staff) via phone or email. If you have a question that relates to your medical condition or treatment, you must book an appropriate appointment to discuss these issues.

Video consultations

Most consultations take place via video conferencing. You understand that this means you will not be in the same room as your clinician and that, whilst the consultation will take place over a secure communication system, this technology has potential risks, including interruptions and technical difficulties. In addition, we don't have any control over your internet connection.


You must return a completed all the necessary documents/forms and a signed copy of this Policy at least five business days before any appointment. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your appointment, and the forfeit of any deposit paid. Additional documents should be sent via email to

Appointment fee

JAAS Psych is a Private Practice. If you are suffering financial hardship, please discuss your options for psychiatric services with your GP. Our fees will vary depending on the service being provided. Our fees are privately billed and subject to change. Fees can be paid by bank transfer or credit card. Credit card payment attracts a 1.9% processing fee from third-party vendors.


Please refer to our cancellation policy on our website.


You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate for part of the fees you pay us. We cannot assess your eligibility for any rebate as this will depend on your circumstances. It is your obligation to process any claim for a Medicare rebate. However, we will provide you with a receipt that sets out the information you need from us to make a rebate claim.


Private health care funds will not reimburse you for our services.


Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you arrive 10 minutes late, your appointment time will need to be shortened, but you will still be charged in full. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, the appointment is treated as a no-show, and you will be charged 50% of the consultation fee (for which you will not be eligible for a Medicare rebate).

Capacity assessments over telehealth

We are not performing capacity assessments via telehealth currently, to maintain our high standard of accurate and reliable evaluations, which often require observing subtle physical and environmental cues best detected in person. In-person assessments capture the necessary detailed and nuanced insights, ensuring no critical information is overlooked. If you require a capacity assessment, we strongly advise seeking a local practice that conducts in-person evaluations to guarantee a meticulous and thorough analysis of the individual's capacity.

Date published: 16 Oct 2023

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