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Need help with something?

Look through the FAQs below or use the Online Booking User Guide

Step-by-step guide on how the process works with JAAS Psych Consultants

How do I join the video call?


1. Test your video and microphone setup.

Make sure you always attend your appointment 5 minutes prior to the appointed time.


Start a video call button in Coviu for your JAAS Psych appointment

4. Enter your First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number, then click CONTINUE


5. Wait for your appointment.

You will enter a waiting room from where your specialist will bring you in for your appointment.

We use and prefer Coviu for our online video consultations. Coviu is a secure and easy-to-use website application. No need for downloads or sign-ups, and you can use on any device with a camera and a microphone.

Alternatively, we also offer online video consultations over Zoom and Skype.

Is JAAS Psych covered by Medicare?




As of January 2022, JAAS Psych has transitioned over to private billing. Medicare, or bulk-billing, is no longer available.

You can see a complete list of appointment types and their fees when you go to make a booking.

Your appointment type is dependant on your GP referral, or rather the purpose of the referral.


Is JAAS Psych available in-person?



As a telepsychiatry service, JAAS Psych only offers online video consultations.

This makes us more accessible to our patients, by allowing them to attend their appointment right from the comfort of their home.

With consent, patients are, in some cases, able attend their appointment from a support worker's office.

Voice Messages

I've been leaving multiple voice messages.

Although we do strive to meet patient queries in a timely manner, delays do occur. 


For a direct response please send us an email at:


How do I cancel my appointment?

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy.

How do I prepare for a video call?

Video Call

Please read this document for all guidance related to preparing for your video consultation with your psychiatrist.

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