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Online Psychiatry Simplified. Seamlessly connect with our expert telepsychiatrists for virtual care.

Your Online Path to Mental Wellness.
Experience confidential and professional care with our seasoned psychiatrists. Book your online appointment in just three easy steps and embark on a journey to better health from the sanctuary of your home.

How Do I Make An Appointment?


1. Referral

Get your referral from your GP for your JAAS Psych professional


2. Send It To Us

Send your GP referral to us via email or fax


3. We'll Be In Touch

Once we've received your referral, one of our friendly admin team members will contact you

Finding good psychiatry services can be difficult.

It can be tough to find a good psychiatrist, who is trustworthy and convenient to visit. There are limited appointments available, and the waiting times can be ridiculous.


Psychiatrists may also not be accepting patients with certain mental illnesses or ones on certain medications.


And to top it off, the inability to find help via telehealth, let alone good help, can amplify stress and worsen mental health.

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JAAS Psych offers accessible and convenient online psychiatry services.

Our Australian telepsychiatry service provides online assessments and consultations for those wanting to find professional help from a qualified, trusted, and professional psychiatrist, no matter where they are.


Follow the 3 simple steps, to get started with JAAS Psych.

Access anywhere

Access our telepsychiatry services anywhere in Australia


Get the right professional to assess your current state and to set goals for your mental health

Emotional stability

We set goals and treatments to aim for emotional stability and managing personality issues


Referrals are required prior to booking.

Please contact us to help you determine the best specialist for your needs, and to address on the referral from your GP.



We Have Expertise In A Variety Of Specialties

Psychiatric Interventions

A psychiatrist can help establish whether you have a mental health condition. Psychiatrist works closely with your general practitioner. Even asking this question can be quite scary for many people as we live in a society where there is unfortunately stigma attached to mental health. Your first consultation with us will generally be for 45 minutes or longer.



Helping people manage their episodes of psychosis.


Anxiety & Depression

Getting on the right track to manage anxiety and depression.


Emotional Stability & Personality Issues

We set goals and treatments to aim for emotionally stability and managing personality issues.



We provide our services via telepsychiatry using phone or video chat.


Older People With Mental Health Issues

We provide specialised support for older people suffering from mental health issues.


Alcohol & Substance Use

We help people manage their addictions and keep on the right track.

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We provide specialised assessments for Attention Disorders.

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Medical Specialist Fitness Assessment For Drivers

Make a booking to have your fitness assessed by a medical specialist.

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Firearm License

We offer assistance with the application for a Firearm License.

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Make An Appointment

Use our Contact page to speak to someone via email or SMS, or use one of the links below to make a booking with your referred specialist.

You must provide a referral letter, sent via email or fax, prior to making a booking.



JAAS Psych

JAAS Psych is making specialist care more accessible by connecting patients across Australia with specialist doctors and clinicians through a secure online booking and video-conferencing platform.


Telepsychiatry can involve direct interaction between a psychiatrist and the patient. It also encompasses psychiatrists supporting primary care providers with mental health care consultation and expertise.



We're Not An Emergency Service

Telehealth services, including telepsychiatry, as well as services provided by JAAS Psych, are not an emergency services. Appointments may need to be booked several days or weeks in advance and we are not able to provide an emergency response.

In an emergency situation (where someone is at immediate risk of harm) it is best to dial 0 0 0 or to attend the emergency department at your local hospital.


Below are links to Lifeline, Suicide CallBack Service, eHeadspace and BeyondBlue who may be able to provide immediate support if it is not an acute emergency.

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