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Medication Review and Reissue Policy


This policy has been established to ensure timely review and reissuance of medications for our patients, while maintaining the highest standards of safety and care.

Advance Planning

Patients are required to plan ahead when seeking a medication review or reissue. It is essential to make an appointment well in advance of running out of your prescribed medication.

No Last-Minute Requests

We deeply appreciate the significance of uninterrupted medication for our patients' well-being. Continuity in medication plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal health outcomes. To maintain this consistency in your treatment regimen, we urge patients to be proactive. It's essential to monitor your medication levels regularly and initiate the process of renewal or reordering in advance. Waiting until you're nearly out can lead to unnecessary gaps in your treatment. To avoid this, please start making arrangements when you still have a substantial supply left, ensuring you receive your next dose without any disruptions.

Appointment Procedure

To request a medication review or reissue, please contact our office to schedule an appointment. We recommend doing so at least three month in advance of your current prescription running out. This gives us ample time to assess your needs and provide the necessary medication.


It is the responsibility of the patient to monitor their medication levels and make timely appointments for review and reissue. This not only guarantees their uninterrupted medication supply but also allows for any necessary adjustments based on their health status.

We want to express the importance of safeguarding your medications, as we cannot assume responsibility should they be misplaced. Please be aware that our policy strictly prohibits the provision of replacements for any lost medication. It's crucial to ensure that your medication is stored in a secure and consistent location to prevent any potential loss. Your adherence to this guideline is pivotal in avoiding unintended interruptions in your treatment plan


If a patient is away from their hometown, the issuance of a new prescription is not possible. It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure they have their prescription with them. Unfortunately, we are unable to issue a new prescription due to government regulations.

Appointments and Prescription Management

To ensure that all patients receive the best possible care, it is crucial that scheduled appointments are not missed. Due to high demand for our doctors’ time, missed appointments may result in delays in receiving necessary care and medications.

Patients are advised to handle their prescriptions with utmost care. Depending on the medication prescribed, we may be limited in our ability to provide a replacement prescription due to regulatory restrictions.

System Dependancies


Appointments are managed on a cloud-based server and Halaxy. If either of these systems becomes temporarily unavailable, appointments may be interrupted. We will strive to promptly resolve any issues and reschedule interrupted appointments as soon as possible.


Medications are managed on a cloud-based server and Halaxy, and are also dependent on eRx and government APIs. If any of these services become temporarily unavailable, prescriptions may also be temporarily unavailable. We will do our utmost to promptly resolve any issues and ensure that any outstanding prescriptions are issued as soon as possible.

Service Interruptions

In the event that JAAS Psych services become interrupted or temporarily unavailable, JAAS Psych is not liable for these interruptions. However, we are committed to promptly resolving any issues to restore services and provide any outstanding care or prescriptions.

Urgent ePrescription Requests

In an effort to streamline the management of stimulant prescriptions under special circumstances, our practice will charge an administrative fee of $120 for stimulant or restricted medication(s) or $90 for other medication(s) to evaluate and issue urgent ePrescriptions. This applies in cases including lost prescriptions, GP unavailability, absence of an appointment, and urgent medication requests.

Process for Urgent ePrescriptions:

  1. The patient requests the prescription.

  2. Our administrative team discusses the request with the doctor, who will either recommend scheduling an appointment or agree to issue the prescription without an appointment.

  3. If the prescription is approved without an appointment, the patient pays the determined administrative fee, the doctor is informed, and the prescription is issued.

This policy aims to ensure that patients receive necessary medications in a timely manner while maintaining the integrity and efficiency of our prescription management processes.

Emergency Protocols

Should an uncommon situation arise where urgent medication is needed, patients are advised to promptly consult with a general practitioner or proceed to the nearest emergency department.

This policy aims to ensure that all patients receive consistent and effective medication management. Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

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