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Dr Lara Howard

This is not an emergency service.

Same day consults are not available. If you are in distress please contact your nearest emergency department, your area mental health service triage or "000.


Career Highlights

Having completed her MBBS directly after graduating high school, Dr Lara Howard has since combined practical work placements with the completion of a number of research projects, including a milestone RCT completed within her current practice network, published in the prestigious Journal of ECT and presented at the 2018 International WPA Conference. 

My Bio

Dr Howard is committed to ongoing professional development and has written and presented various professional papers. As a consultant in the public sector, she is undertaking unique initiatives aimed at service improvement in the areas of complex childhood trauma, transgenerational familial trauma, and perinatal-infant mental health. These have included the establishment of a complex trauma clinic within Penrith CYMHS and the progressive roll-out of the Safe Start Clinic program across Western Sydney LHD. She continues to contribute significantly to the establishment and operation of the new Mother and Baby Unit in Western Sydney, as well as developing district guidelines and protocols for safe prescribing and management of psychotropics. Dr Howard maintains a high standard of professional and ethical commitment to all her clinical, administrative and research endeavours.

My Interests

My Specialties

Dr Lara Howard is a highly qualified and dedicated consultant psychiatrist with subspecialist training in child psychiatry, perinatal and infant psychiatry, as well as neurodevelopmental disorders. She practices across the age range, from infant dyadic interactional issues to adult presentations, with exceptional ability to tailor her methods to the patient’s needs.

My Personal Interests

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